Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation.


Genesis has its own in-house sperm donor bank.

Similarly to egg donation, sperm donation treatment is strictly anonymous and is offered to couples whose male partners have been diagnosed with:

  • Azoospermia (complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate or in processed testicular biopsies).
  • Congenital or medical problems preventing sperm production.
  • Sperm damage following surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Couples whom children are at risk of being born with a genetic disease due to consanguineous marriages (descended from the same family tree-ancestor).
  • Single women and lesbian couples can also benefit from sperm donation.

Genesis sperm bank offers specimens from donors of diverse ethnicities while it continuously recruits new candidates.

All donors are accepted following receipt and approval of a collection of tests which include: an optimal semen assessment, a blood test for infectious diseases and a blood test for genetic diseases inclusive of a karyotype pattern.

A physical examination is also performed to ensure the donor’s health status.

A stark background investigation is also undertaken to establish an understanding of potential hereditary or acquired diseases and medical conditions.

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