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Who we are!

This state-of-the-art establishment measuring 580 square meters of beneficial space is situated on the top floor (4th) of a modern newly constructed building in Limassol, Cyprus.

It incorporates a concealed positively pressurized sterile area designed in the context of a sterilization room, a scrub room, a large egg collection suite, a second theatre hosting embryo replacements and a specifically designed embryology laboratory connected to the two theatres via specially designed airtight windows.

These are complemented by a large contemporary genetics lab for undertaking advanced pre-implantation chromosomal and gene diagnosis, a separate andrology lab and a secluded area constructed specifically for the storage of frozen gametes and embryos.

The experts you can trust!

We’re a passionate, dedicated team of leading physicians and scientists who came from some of the top research hospitals and fertility centres around the world.

The Genesis advantage!

Genesis operates on the basis of collective teamwork contributed by an embryologist team that together has more than 60 years of experience and clinical staff of more than 5 physicians whose dedication in assisted human reproduction provision services spans numerous decades.

The clinic’s standpoint has always been that IVF success depends largely on what actions are taken prior to the egg collection procedure and not after. These include the comprehensive investigation of the fertility presentation and its correction or improvement wherever possible. This notion is becoming in effect due to the participation of a collection of clinical scientists and physicians which comprise the Genesis workforce.

First Step Towards Your Pregnancy!

Why Genesis!

Genesis offers a wide selection of treatment modalities that are tailored to each patient’s unique requirements. Our objective is to provide you with personalized care in a private fertility setup, as well as the most effective infertility treatments available to date, so you realize your dream of becoming a parent.

Guaranteed individualized care & unprecedented pregnancy outcomes!

The only clinic in Cyprus to offer in-house pre-implantation embryo genetic diagnosis.
More than 30 years of continuous experience and continuous global support.
Only clinic that offers 100% money-back guarantee (Learn how you can benefit from our 100% pregnancy money-back guarantee programs; link for risk-sharing and a contact detail form to be inserted.

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