Fertility Treatment Funding

Did you know that the Government of Cyprus will subsidize your IVF Treatment and medicines? Indeed, read on!

As of April 2020, you can be supported as follows:

New IVF treatment cycles are subsidized with the amount of €2500

New IVF treatment cycles that are terminated prior to the embryo transfer stage are subsidized with the amount of €2000 – the same applies to women who decide to have their oocytes frozen and stored for future use.

Embryo transfer with cryopreserved embryos created in previous treatment cycles, when a new fresh cycle is not required, is subsidized with the amount of €500

Natural cycles that don’t require the use of medication, are funded with the amount of €500

Couples with no children are entitled up to 4 funded treatment cycles, while couples with children are entitled up to 2 funded treatment cycles.

Single women and couples that will require the use of a surrogate are also entitled to the aforementioned funding, as long as the appropriate license has been obtained. (Please contact the clinic for info)

All women up to the age of 50, can have their treatment cycles subsidized. Those over the age of 50 will be required to obtain a license from the Council of Medically Assisted Reproduction.

All GESY members are entitled to apply.

For more information please contact us:

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